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Medical Marijuana Smoking Products

The easiest and most common way patients medicate with medical marijuana is by smoking it. This method encompasses several different smoking apparatuses that allow patients to feel the effects of the plant almost instantaneously. If you’re searching for smoking devices and accessories, browse our selection and find incredible products brought to you by our trusted affiliates.

Medical Marijuana Smoking Products

There are many ways to smoke marijuana, not including vaporizers and other vaping methods, and there’s no right or wrong way — it all comes down to personal preference. As smoking weed becomes legalized in states across the U.S., cannabis businesses are designing smoking apparatuses to not only be functional, but also to be artistic and pleasing to look at. There are many smoking apparatuses to make this conventional method of medicating more accessible and enjoyable, including:
  • Bongs or water pipes
  • Bubblers
  • Pipes
  • Rolling paper
Smoking also involves several different accessories that users purchase to accompany their smoking devices, such as:
  • Bowl pieces
  • Ashtrays
  • Rolling machines and rolling trays
  • Grinders
  • Lighters
  • Scales
  • And more

Benefits of Smoking Medical Marijuana

Although smoking medical marijuana has its risks, there are quite a few benefits to this delivery method. Smoking cannabis allows patients to feel its effects almost instantaneously. The marijuana is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and within minutes, you’ll experience relief from your debilitating symptoms. Whether you’re a cancer patient in need of nausea relief or someone suffering from chronic pain, fast-acting effects are of utmost importance. Although vaporization is considered a safer delivery method, vaping apparatuses are more expensive and harder to use. Smoking is much simpler by comparison and takes less set-up time and a lower financial investment.

Tips for Choosing a Smoking Apparatus

Whether you prefer to roll a joint or use a pipe is all a matter of personal preference. If you’re not sure which method is right for you, then start experimenting. You may find that you prefer how a specific apparatus feels versus another. If you suffer from a condition that affects your breathing or your lungs, smoking may not be the best delivery method for you. It could aggravate your condition or worsen its side effects. For more advice, be sure to ask your marijuana doctor or a local budtender at your dispensary — they can consider your specific condition before making a recommendation.

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