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Medical Marijuana Services

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in states throughout America, the cannabis industry is taking off. Growers, dispensaries and other cannabis-related retail businesses are seeing a huge influx of customers. If you’re interested in joining the marijuana industry, you may need the services of a cannabis-friendly business to aid your growth and development. Here are some of our affiliates who may be able to help.

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Types of Cannabis Business Services

Whether you’re seeking to start your own cannabis-related business or are interested in becoming involved in another entrepreneur’s endeavor, there are quite a few services you may need to stay connected to. We want to introduce you to our trusted affiliates who can provide you with what you need to thrive. Some of the services that are available include:
  • Analytics and Testing: To verify the composition of your cannabis strains
  • Consulting: Help you grow your business, provide certifications and offer security
  • Design: Remodel your dispensary or see featured property listings
  • Financial: Explore how to invest in cannabis businesses or seek investors for your own venture
  • Insurance: Protect your cannabis-business against any eventualities
  • Packaging: Find all sorts of packaging options and labels
  • Legal: Meet lawyers familiar with the legal aspects of the cannabis industry
  • Marketing: Get your name and product out there
  • POS Systems: Behind every good business is reliable point of sale software
  • Processing Tools: Find the equipment you need to process your products properly
  • Distribution: Get your products on shelves or find growers with the products you need

Why You Need Cannabis-Friendly Services

No one is an island, as the saying goes. To grow your business, you need to find the right tools and make connections. The affiliates we list on are trusted industry professionals who want to work with you to see your business succeed. Whether you need a lab to test your product, legal representation or someone with distribution know-how, search our list of services to find a helping hand. You may end up meeting a trusted associate.

Making Connection Through

At, the patient is our number one priority. So, whether we’re connecting doctors to those in need or allowing cannabis businesses to find industry help, we’re aiding our patients. The more quality medical marijuana businesses, the more access patients who will have to incredible products and services.