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If you live in a state where home cultivation is legal, there are a few things you’ll need before you can grow your own cannabis. Our affiliates sell many of the items that make cultivating marijuana in the comfort of your home possible. Whether big or small, we’ll help you find the right setup for homegrown cannabis.




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Products You’ll Need to Grow Cannabis

Growing cannabis at home is a serious venture. There are quite a few things you’ll need before, during and after to ensure you’re produce quality marijuana. Although growing takes some time and effort, the more you put into it, the better your results will be. Cultivation products available to those who are interested in growing their own cannabis include:
  • Soil or other grow mediums
  • Climate controls
  • Grow lights
  • Tents or enclosures
  • Harvest tools
  • Hydroponic pots and accessories
  • Nutrients and fertilizer
  • Pest control
  • Testing equipment
  • And other tools and accessories
There is also literature and videos available that teach you to grow like a pro.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana

In states where cultivation of weed is legal, patients and caregivers can grow their own medical marijuana. The number of plants is usually determined by state legislature. There are quite a few benefits to growing your own medical marijuana. The biggest is that it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, it will spare you trips to your local dispensary, where long lines or a sparse inventory could become an issue. Lastly, for patients who live in isolated locations, having access to your own medical marijuana ensures you have the medicine you need when you need it.

Things to Consider When Growing Your Own Cannabis

Even if a state allows you to purchase medical marijuana with a card, it may not let individuals cultivate their own weed. Double-check the status of home cultivation laws in your state before attempting to grow cannabis. Also, growing your own cannabis is not as easy as it sounds — you can’t just stick some seeds in a pot of soil and hope they’ll sprout. Cultivating requires research, time and patience as you undergo the trial and error of growing marijuana plants. Plus, they require you to make the financial investment of purchasing the products you need to make your attempt successful.

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