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Medical Marijuana Dabbing Products

One of the most effective methods of consuming cannabis concentrates is through a technique called dabbing. This is an extremely effective way to release powerful doses of cannabis medicine to patients. You’ll find an assortment of dabbing products on our website supplied by trusted affiliates of Marijuana Doctors. Under the product descriptions, we also provide information on how to use these items.

What Is Dabbing?

A dab refers to a concentrated dose of cannabis that is vaporized using a hot surface called a nail. It’s then inhaled through a dab rig, or a specialized pipe designed explicitly for this type of inhalation. The more it’s heated, the more thorough the vaporization. If you limit the amount of heat, it preserves more flavor and terpene content. Dabbing has quite a few advantages that users should consider:
  • Provides a powerful dose of medicine
  • Fast-acting, giving almost instant relief of symptoms
  • More potent than smoking flowers

Types of Dabbing Products Available

If you’re looking to construct your own dabbing setup, we provide all the products you need to dab your concentrates. You’ll find:
  • Dab and oil rigs
  • Dab nails
  • Attachments
  • Dome models
  • Dab tools
  • Dabbers
  • Storage containers
Because of the variety of options available, you may be confused about what dab setup is right for you. Our affiliates sell top-of-the-line equipment that leads the way in industry standards. To get more information about a product, click on it for a full description.

Tips for Dabbers

Home extraction is inadvisable as it can have dangerous results — that’s why you should only purchase concentrates produced by professional extractors when dabbing. There is a bit of controversy surrounding dabbing because of its ability to deliver such a high dose of medication. If you feel this marijuana medication method is right for you, be sure to speak with a marijuana doctor or a qualified budtender first. They’ll be able to recommend concentrates, doses and help you choose the dabbing equipment that you will need.

Get Your Dabbing Products With a Affiliates

At, your health and well-being are our priority. Not only do we connect patients with the best marijuana doctors in their states, but we supply an abundance of information and resources to those who need them. All products featured on our website are brought to you by our trusted affiliates who are leading the way in the cannabis industry.