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Medical Marijuana-Themed Books and Games

At, our goal is to shed light on the often-misunderstood topic of medical marijuana. With our selection of books, we’re spreading cannabis education to the public. We want more people to understand the incredible advances this plant could bring to the field of natural medicinal treatments. We also offer games and accessories that bring a bit of laughter and levity.

Cannabis Literature

Because of its continued status as a federally banned substance, there’s still a negative stigma attached to cannabis. Those who raise their voices in support of marijuana are often disregarded and ridiculed as stoners and pot heads — but education is the key to arming yourself. Our selection of books deals with various topics that will help you learn about this important issue and learn more about:
  • The medicinal properties of cannabis
  • Common conditions treated by marijuana
  • How to grow cannabis
  • Choosing the right strain
  • And more
If you’re a medical marijuana patient, you can also find a handy journal to keep track of the strains you try how they affect you. Looking to make your own cannabis-infused edibles? Purchase a cookbook and save money during your next visit to the dispensary.

Marijuana-Inspired Games and Accessories

We take our medical marijuana advocacy seriously, but we also know it’s okay to lighten up and laugh. If you’re looking for a good time, check out our assortment of games and accessories inspired by the 420 movement. These quirky items offer a fun experience for you and your friends. Posters inspired by cannabis and some of your favorite strains are also available. Show your support of the legitimacy of medical marijuana by featuring these themed prints in your home.

Purchase Marijuana-Themed Books and Games

Our number one goal is to connect patients who have qualifying conditions with top-notch medical marijuana doctors in their states — that’s why we support cannabis advocacy on a national level. To have the negative stigma lifted from medical marijuana, it’s important for education and awareness to spread to the public Learn more about the many ways you can use cannabis by purchasing marijuana literature. Not only will you learn more, but you can also pass it on by educating your friends and neighbors. Plus, by supporting our affiliates, you’re helping those in the industry who regularly produce and manufacture cannabis products.